How to Get Around Vienna Like a Local

Vienna has an extensive and easy to use metro system. Here is everything you need to get around Vienna with ease. 1. Buying a Ticket Buying a ticket for the Vienna public transport is incredibly simple. Approach any ticket machine, select 1 trip at full price (located in the upper right of the ticket machine).…
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Everything You Need to Know About Prague Public Transport

Prague, like many European cities, has an excellent and extensive public transport system. However, unlike many other systems, you do not buy your ticket for a zone or specific destination instead tickets are purchased based on time. Here is everything you need to know to navigate Prague public transport. Buying Your Ticket The first thing…
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How to Navigate German Public Transport Ticket Machines

If you have been to Germany, you know that feeling when your hotel or hostel is 3 miles away and the only way to get there is via public transport and you have no clue how to get a ticket. You immediately step in line behind the other 100 tourists that have no clue how…
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How to Get Around London like a Local

London can be a confusing city. Everyone seems to know exactly where they want to go, and they walk there fast. To make sure you do not get trampled in the crowd, you will want a form of communication and an understanding of London’s transportation system. Here is everything you will need to know in…
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