The Best Food in Zagreb

The Best Food in Zagreb

Le Mika

Price: $$

Location: 14, Teslina ul., 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Le Mika, Zagreb’s number one rated restaurant according to TripAdvisor, is the perfect place to stop for breakfast or lunch. The French style creperie offers an excellent variety of sweet and savory crepes made with fresh, high quality, ingredients. The restaurant is situated on Zagreb’s Teslina street, easily Zagreb’s best food street. The downtown street is lined with many of Zagreb’s best restaurants, Le Mika being the pinnacle. Le Mika’s location adds to its mood which is slightly up-scale but not snobby. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating; making the entire ambiance of Le Mika, as fresh and cool as the food it serves. Talking about food, let’s take a look at their menu:

Le Mika Recommendations: 

I had the smoked salmon with zucchini, chive, and lemon cream (number 21). I was impressed with how fresh all the ingredients tasted. It was clear that only the best ingredients were being used for the crepe. The salmon paired wonderfully with the cream and spice of the chive. To bring the entire dish together, the lemon brought a light touch of sweetness, completing the plate. The presentation of the plate is also worth noting. Le Mika clearly cares about how their food looks as much as how it tastes. Take a look:

After finishing my delicious crepe, I ordered a coffee (which was also excellent) and relaxed under the heated lamps of the outdoor seating area. It was a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon, capitalized by the friendly and attentive (but not overbearing) wait staff. Le Mika, is a wonderful and classy restaurant that is worth a stop when in Zagreb.

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