The Best Cheap Food in Zagreb

The Best Cheap Food in Zagreb

Curry Bowl

Cost: $

Location: Ul. Ivana Tkalčića 44, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

The Sri Lanken Curry Bowl or just Curry Bowl, as the locals call it, is one of Zagreb’s most interesting restaurants. The unassuming restaurant rests in between several others just a minute walk from Zagreb’s city center. The restaurant specializes in Sri Lanken food, a type of cuisine that most (me included) are unfamiliar with. Essentially, Sri Lanken cuisine – as delivered by Curry Bowl – consists of a mix of curry’s (duh), rice dishes, and a traditional street food called Kotthu. The restaurant offer’s its mix of delicious Sri Lanken dishes at an incredible price, making it easily the best cheap food in Zagreb. The most expensive dishes on the menu do not exceed 65 Kuna or $10. A great price for the quality and quantity of food afforded to you at Curry Bowl. With that said, let’s take a look at their menu:

Curry Bowl Recommendations: 

I went with the Chicken Katthu, a truly unique food experience. The Kotthu itself had the texture of very soft rice, similar to gnocchi or any other dish that holds its form but is ultimately soft. Every bite had a distinctly curry-like flavor, however the egg in the dish made the dish different than any typical Indian or Thai curry. Curry Bowl offers four spice levels described as Mild, Croatian, Sri Lanken, and finally, Are You Serious? I decided to go with the Sri-Lanken spice level. The dish was very spicy even for someone who can typically take spice pretty well. I would recommend going for the “Croatian” or “Mild” level spices. I think the Sri Lanken spice level was a little too powerful and ended up becoming overwhelming. The dish is served with some hot (temperature) oil that the protein is presumably cooked in. The side sauce is perfect for dipping, allowing you to blast your meal with even more flavor. All in all, the Katthu from Curry Bowl was one of the most interesting and delicious meals I had in Europe. Curry Bowl is definitely worth a stop on any trip through Zagreb! 
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