The Best Steak in Budapest

The Best Steak in Budapest

Meatology Budapest

Price $$-$$$

Location: Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 15c, 1065 Hungary

Located in central Budapest, just a moments walk from the Budapest Parliament Building, Meatology Budapest is the best spot in town for a good steak. Central Europe is known for its love of meat and Meatology capitalizes on this expertise by offering a delicious variety of dry aged cuts. Let’s take a look at their menu: 

The menu that appears on location will likely have different (and more) variety of steaks which rotate depending on what is available. Meatology also serves high quality burgers, but I highly recommend ordering one of the steaks. 

Meatology Budapest Recommendations: 

I went with the 3 week dry aged angus boned rib eye. It was delicious and cooked to perfection, with a wonderful sear on the outside to keep all the juice and flavor within the dry aged meat. The steak was unbelievably tender, every bite melting in my mouth. It was also properly seasoned, with plenty of salt to accentuate and elevate the natural flavors of the steak.  

To compliment the French fries, Meatology offers two spicy sauces that come with every dish. One yellow and one red. I’ll start with the yellow sauce. It is tangy with plenty of haberno flavor. As you might expect, the habanero makes the sauce quite spicy (and that’s from someone who generally prides himself on being able to handle spice). However, the flavor is still there.

The red sauce, on the other hand, is pure heat. It was hard to tell what amalgam of peppers was in the sauce but it was HOT. Even if you really like hot sauce (as I do), the red sauce is brutal. It is safe to say I was sweating come the end of my meal. Maybe I should have been less liberal in dipping my fries in the sauces!  Regardless, Meatology is an excellent place to get some expertly cooked meats at a reasonable price. 

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