The Best Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna

The Best Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna


Price: $-$$

Location: Neubaugasse 57-41, 1070 Wien, Austria

Wiener schnitzel, the national dish of Austria, is found at it’s very finest in the country’s capital, Vienna. Standing atop the pinnacle of schnitzel in Vienna is Schnitzelwirt. Schnitzelwirt is a historic wiener schnitzel joint where you can get the delicious fried veal done right. The Schniztelwirt experience starts as soon as you walk in the door (be prepared for a short 10-15 minute wait). Once inside, you are greeted with a family style ambiance. You will be seated wherever seats are available even if that means dining with another group. Upon being seated, a concise – schnitzel filled – menu will be put in your place. Heres a look: 

Schnitzelwirt Recommendations: 

My advice is to look no further than the very first item on the menu, the classic wiener schnitzel. Not only is it the cheapest item on the menu but it is also the most delicious. If you ask me, there is no need to accessorize an already perfect schnitzel. Also, in classic Viennese fashion, the portion is huge: 

What makes this the perfect wiener schnitzel? First off, the size. A Viennese wiener schnitzel should be the size of the plate. If not, it is almost surely too thick to properly absorb the squeezed lemon or saltiness from the crust. Second, the crust needs to be crispy. Each cut through the schnitzel should be met with the sound of the crust breaking. Finally, and most importantly, the crust and veal should have enough salt that each bite makes your mouth water for the next. Schniztelwirt’s rendition checks all of these boxes, making for the perfect wiener schnitzel experience, ultimately, the best in Vienna!

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