How to Get Around Vienna Like a Local

How to Get Around Vienna Like a Local

Vienna has an extensive and easy to use metro system. Here is everything you need to get around Vienna with ease.

1. Buying a Ticket

Buying a ticket for the Vienna public transport is incredibly simple. Approach any ticket machine, select 1 trip at full price (located in the upper right of the ticket machine).

Select how many tickets you would like to buy. One full price ticket costs €2.40.

Fortunately, the Vienna public transport system has been updated so you can pay with cash or card!

Depending on how long you are in Vienna for, you may want to consider buying tickets in bulk. The best way to do this is by buying a 24, 48, 72 hour pass or 8-day pass. These cost €8, €14.10, €17.10, and €40.80 respectively. 

I recommend buying a day or multi-day pass. Vienna is a large enough city that you will most likely use the metro more than 3 times a day (effectively paying less than the €2.40 full price for individual tickets). This is untrue for the 24 hour pass which requires 4 trips to be worthwhile.  

2. Validating Your Ticket

Once purchasing your ticket(s) it is important to validate it before you get on the metro. Look for one of the blue validating machines pictured below. 

Simply insert your ticket into the machine in order to get a stamp. The Vienna Metro system is run on an honor system. However, occasional checks do happen and fines can be steep for traveling without a valid ticket. 

If you are using an 8-day pass, simply fold over the ticket to align with the number of days you have used the pass. Ticket inspectors can be particular about this, so make sure you stamp your ticket in order (starting at 1 and going to 8) to avoid any fine.

3. Understanding the Map

After validating your ticket you are ready to go anywhere in Vienna. There are 7 metro lines that connect throughout the city. This means that you can get to anywhere in Vienna from any metro stop if you are willing to change trains a couple times. You do NOT need another ticket to change metros so long as the change is a part of one continuous trip. Here’s a look at the map: 

Now you are ready to get around Vienna like a local!

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