The Best Food in Krakow

The Best Food in Krakow

Ristorante Sant’Antioco

Price: $$-$$$

Location: Mikołajska 30, 31-027 Kraków, Poland

Ristorante Sant’Antioco, Krakow’s top rated restaurant according to Trip Advisor, offers delicious Italian food, which highlights the multiculturalism of Krakow. Located just minutes from Krakow’s Main Square, Ristorante Sant’Antioco is at the entrance of Krakow’s Mikolaj Hotel. Once you catch sight of the restaurant (which is somewhat hidden), step in to be greeted by the attentive wait staff. The seating areas are comprised of two, small, tastefully decorated, corridors. The restaurant is clearly high-end. I recommend stopping by for lunch, for a cheaper menu without need of reservations. Upon being seated, you will be given a menu detailing the different options for the day. The menu rotates to accommodate what is seasonal. Here’s a look:

Ristorante Sant’Antioco Recommendations:

I started with the truffle bruschetta. It was excellent. The spread on top is smooth and buttery with a very earthy, nutty flavor. The bruschetta has just enough salt to be very flavorful. Arugula garnishes the dish adding to the flavor by cutting the sweet, nutty flavor with some bitterness. Below the spread, the bread holds up the flavor without distracting from it. This is a must-order appetizer.

For my main meal, I was recommended the sea bass by my waitress. At first, I was slightly disappointed by the many small bones within the fish. I was worried that this would continue into the main meat of the plate. However, after picking out the bones from the edge of the fish I was able to get to the center of the fish which was bone-free. Absolutely delicious. It had a very soft texture and retained the heat from the kitchen very well. The bass paired with tomatoes, created a very light dish. To add some hardiness to the meal, potato wedges surrounded the plate. On paper, sea bass with tomato and potato doesn’t make much sense. However, Ristorante Sant’Antioco was able to make this interesting combination of flavors work, creating a delicious and complete plate.

For a dessert, a chocolate liquor is offered, free of charge, as a pallet cleanser. The rich chocolate shot leaves you with a delicious chocolate aftertaste, putting the cherry on top of an already excellent meal!

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