Of all the places I travelled in Europe, Ljubljana may have been my favorite. The quaint city offers all the adventure that you would find in a big city (think London or Paris) in a much more accessible form. You can explore the castle overlooking Ljubljana or the graffiti walls on the outskirts of the city without having to take a car or metro. None of Ljubljana’s main attractions are more than a twenty minute walk from the town center. Here is everything you need to know when visiting Ljubljana!

What To Know About a Day Trip to the Skocjan Caves

Caves in Slovenia Slovenia’s topography has a little of everything. Want mountains? Slovenia’s got it. Coastline? Yep. Rivers, Lakes, Farms. All yes. However, the most interesting part of Slovenia’s geography is it’s expansive cave systems; some of the biggest in Europe. The two most famous caves are Postojna and Skocjan. Postojna is the larger of…
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