The Best Indian Food in Prague

The Best Indian Food in Prague

Namaste India Indian Restaurant

Price: $-$$

Location: Ronkova 369/12, 180 00 Praha 8-Libeň, Czechia

Namaste, the fourth rated restaurant in Prague and highest rated Indian restaurant according to Trip Advisor, is an excellent place to taste the diversity of Prague. Located slightly on the outskirts of the city, Namaste India is not a touristy destination. However, if you want authentic, high quality Indian food at a good price Namaste India is an excellent choice. The restaurant itself sits on an unassuming corner, upon walking in you will be greeted with a friendly wait staff and taken downstairs to a cave-like seating area. The restaurant is very peaceful. After being seated you will be  given a menu full of Indian classics. Take a look below (note that the online menu is only offered in Czech, however an English version is offered at the restaurant):

Namaste India Indian Restaurant Recommendations:

I had the chicken tikka masala with lemon rice. The chicken within the tikka masala was exceptionally tender. That, combined with the medium spice and tangy tomato flavor of the masala makes for a mouth-watering dish. Garnished on the Tikka Masala was a healthy portion of lemon grass. The lemon grass paired with the lemon rice meant the dish had some sour element to combat the savory flavors of chicken and tomato. Finalizing the dish was the texture of poppy-seed sprinkled throughout the rice, meaning each bite had a small crunch to it. Everything brought together made for a delicious and hardy main meal.

After finishing the Tikka Masala I realized I still had a little room left in my stomach for dessert. I was immediately drawn to the self-proclaimed Indian style ice cream. Being a mango lover, trying mango flavor was a no-brainer. I was pleasantly surprised to find that calling the ice cream “Indian” style was not an empty adjective. The ice cream had a particularly creamy texture and while the mango flavor came through loud and clear, there was also a distinct Thai coconut undertone. All in all, the ice cream was an excellent way to complete an already stellar dinner.

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