The 5 Best Things to Do in Berlin

The 5 Best Things to Do in Berlin

1. Take a Boat Tour

Berlin is Europes largest city by land area. This can be intimating when you first arrive. I found that the best way to get my bearings was to take a boat tour. I recommend the Get Your Guide boat tour along The River Spree, which leaves every 30 minutes from a central Berlin location. The tour lasts 2.5 hours over which you are taken around Berlin’s expansive River Spree and see all of Berlin’s famous landmarks. On top of that, a helpful audio guide gives exposition on the history and construction of much of Berlin. A ticket can be bought online or at the door for 18.5 euros, the audio guide will cost you an additional 2 euros. For the time and information learned, the price is well worth it.

2. See the Graffiti

Berlin has become one of Europes greatest art cities and is a hub for talented street-artists worldwide. This, paired with the recent decision to make street art legal, means the city is covered with some pretty amazing graffiti. Here are some of my favorites located all around the city:

3. Go to the Museums

Like many of Europe’s famous cities, Berlin offers a wide variety of world-class museums to visit. The great thing about Berlin is that many of it’s best museums are located next to each other on the beautiful museum island, a small plot of land (an island) that forks the River Spree. Here are some of my favorites:

Pergamon Museum

Cost: €12

The Pergamon museum holds some of the worlds best ancient Egyptian, islamic pieces, and other examples of ancient eastern architecture and art.  The massive Ishtar Gate, the ancient city gate to Babylon, acts as the center piece to the entire museum. If you chose to buy your ticket at the door expect a 20-30 minute wait. I recommend buying your ticket online beforehand so you can skip the line. Here is a link to their online ticket seller, the page is in German so click on, “Pergamon Regular” for your ticket. 

Bode Museum

Cost: €18

The Bode Museum is located at the helm of museum island. The museum itself holds one of the most complete displays of European architecture throughout history. However, it’s most famous piece is the “Flora,” a bust created by Leonardo Da Vinci. The Bode Museum will have less of a line, so feel free to get your ticket at the door. However, if you want to be prepared before hand you can buy tickets online here. Again, the page is in German but you want the, “museumsinsel regular.” 

Alte Nationalgalerie 

Cost: €10

The Alte Nationalgalerie is Berlin’s premier museum for art, ranging from neoclassical to impressionist and modern art. Additionally, the museum is  constantly being updated and new exhibits are rotated in.  If you would like to get your ticket online, click here. Remember that the site is in German. To get the proper ticket select, “Alte Nationalgalerie Regular.” 

4. See the Berlin Wall

Berlin is home to one of the worlds most unique and conflicted histories. Playing a big part in this history is the Berlin Wall and its matching memorial. Here you can see what remains of the wall and how the wall was constructed. Once you have seen the wall itself, head across the street to the memorial. At the memorial you can see and read the history of the wall and read many stories from Germans who grew up on either side of the wall. Both the wall and the memorial are free to visit. Before you go, be sure to walk to the top of the memorial to get one of the best views of Berlin.

 5. Go on a Pub Crawl

Berlin is widely known for it’s night life. One of the best ways to participate and meet some fellow travelers is by joining a pub crawl. You can expect to get a couple free drinks and access to some of Berlin’s best known night clubs through the event. This is much preferred to trying to get into a club by yourself or with a group as Berlin bouncers are renowned for being sticklers when it comes to entry. Here are some of Berlin’s best pub crawls as ranked by The Culture Trip

For more about Berlin, click here. 

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