What to Know About a Day Trip to Celle

What to Know About a Day Trip to Celle

If you are traveling through Germany’s big cities, making a stop in Celle can be a great way to experience what small town Germany is like. This picturesque town sits 20 minutes north of Hannover and about 4 Hours West of Berlin. Once arrived you will find a plethora of things to do. Here are some of my favorites:

Explore the Castle and Gardens

Likely the first thing you will want to do when arriving in Celle is explore the castle and subsequent castle grounds. The Celle castle sits atop a scenic hilltop. It is surrounded by huge, Versailles like, gardens and park. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic or a simple walk

See the Markets

After exploring the castle grounds, head toward the winding streets of downtown Celle. Here you will find boutique shops as well as outdoor markets. These old markets transport you to an old, small-town Germany you are unlikely to find in Berlin or Munich. 

Eat the Local Food

Once you have had your fill of walking and shop jumping head to Restaurant Bier Akademie for an authentic Celle meal. The town has its own local delicacy known as Rohe Roulade. Essentially, it is high quality beef, cold, rolled with a special mix of onion, mustard and spices. The history of the dish is adds to the authentic German feel Celle delivers. 

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