The Best Food in Amsterdam

The Best Food in Amsterdam


Price: $$

Location: Voetboogstraat 23, 1012 XK Amsterdam 

Amsterdam has an interesting mix of food culture. From herring on a street cart to space cakes at one of Amsterdam’s notorious coffeeshops (disclaimer, coffeeshops in Amsterdam sell weed not coffee), Amsterdam really has it all. Bhatti Pasal, Amsterdam’s number one rated restaurant according to Trip Advisor, is a testament to this mix. An authentic Nepalese restaurant located in the city center, Bhatti Pasal gives you a taste of a culture not expected in Holland. Topped off by an endearing location in an alleyway and friendly wait staff, Bhatti Pasal is a must visit restaurant on any trip to Amsterdam. Here’s a look at their menu: 

Bhatti Pasal Recommendations:

I had never been to a Nepalese restaurant before Bhatti Pasal so I really did not know what to expect. When I asked my waiter for his recommendation he pointed me to the Momo. Momo is a small dumpling filled with your choice of chicken, vegetables or pork. I went with the Chicken Chilly Momo. It was made to order (as everything from Bhatti Pasal is) and came out smelling absolutely delicious. The dumplings were covered in a delicious sweet and spicy sauce (more spicy than sweet but not too hot that it overwhelms the dish). I was surprised that the dumplings had a crunchy element to them despite being covered in the sauce. Inside the dumpling was a mix of chicken and some spices and herbs which brought added flavor to the dish. However, my favorite part of the dish was actually the onions within the sauce. They gave the whole dish an extra element of sweet while adding an extra crunch texture. Heres a look at my Chicken Chili Momo. 

If dumplings aren’t your thing be sure to try out the sekura’s (skewers) and fried rice. Both came highly recommended by the staff and looked and smelled delicious when served to other guests. I was constantly hearing, “oh my god, this is SO good” from the group of American girls seated behind me. Very stereotypical, yes, but also a testament to how good the food was. Bottom line, if you are in Amsterdam, Bhatti Pasal is where you should stop for the best meal in the city (at a great price too). For more information about Bhatti Pasal visit their website at For more about Amsterdam, click here. 

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