The Best Fish and Chips in London

The Best Fish and Chips in London


The Chipping Forecast

Price $$-$$$

Location: 29 All Saints Road, Notting Hill, London, W11 1HE

If you are in London, getting fish and chips is a must. Yet, there are so many fish and chips restaurants to choose from, it can be hard to feel like you made the right choice. That is why I did the research (and the test tasting) for you, and found that The Chipping Forecast in Notting Hill has the best fish and chips in London. Before I get into what makes The Chipping Forecast the best fish and chips in London, I need to explain some basics about fish and chips shops themselves. Most fish and chip shops would consider themselves “chippys.” A chippy restaurant is what most people think of when they think of fish and chips. Workers with aprons and a white hat on. Huge portions. Traditional takeaway fish and chips. The Chipping Forecast is NOT a chippy restaurant. They are a small restaurant dedicated to the best, most fresh, locally sourced fish and chips you can get in London. If all you want is a classic chippy spot than by all means go to Poppie’s or Baily’s fish and chips. There you will get your classic dish, but I’m telling you (as someone who has been to chippy spots and The Chipping Forecast) they are not even close to the quality of The Chipping Forecast. If you are looking for the best tasting fish and chips in London without qualification, than The Chipping Forecast should be your stop. The Chipping Forecast offers freshly caught fish year round. They guarantee that your fish is, “from the hook to the plate in 48 hours” according to their website and menu. Located in the happening West London District, Notting Hill, The Chipping Forecast is away from the touristy chippy shops of central London. Thus, the ambiance is much quieter and the focus is placed on the food, not the novelty of a British Chippy. The owner, Tim, is present, tending to many tables and the bar. He quietly surveys his restaurant making sure everyone is tended to. Tim takes care that every meal served is prepared for order. Heres a look at The Chipping Forecast’s menu:


The Chipping Forecast Recommendations: 

I got the traditional Fish, Chips, Tartare Sauce and Pure Puree. I know, I know. A little on the pricey end at 15P but if you want the best the little extra is worth it. For reference, fish and chips at a chippy will usually cost you around 12P, so the difference is not horrible. Anyway, as soon as you bite into The Chipping Forecast’s fish and chips you can taste the quality. The fish is flaky and buttery. It melts in your mouth. You can also tell that the fish had been freshly prepared as it comes out piping hot. The fish is garnished with pea sprouts that add freshness to the dish. Served on the side is traditional pea puree and tartar sauce. The pea puree is refreshing due to the slight mint flavor it has. The tarter sauce is also excellent, as it has noticeable bites of pickle mixed in to add a perfect crunch element to the sauce. Of course, I cannot leave out the chips, which are triple fried in beef drippings allowing for a perfect golden brown exterior and fluffy white interior. 

Compared to a Chippy

I found that at chippy’s, the fish had more of a stringy texture rather than flakey, and the fish had been fried a few minutes ago (not to order), leaving the batter just the smallest bit stale. The fish is much larger, which shows it is not locally sourced and is likely not nearly as fresh. I also found that the ambiance of a traditional chippy is much louder and more tourist crowded than The Chipping Forecast, which is genuinely British from the owner to the guests. Heres a look at what a chippy’s fish and chips look like. 

To learn more about The Chipping Forecast visit their website at For more about London, click here

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