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My name is Neal. I am a blogger and budget backpacker. When I was researching how to travel on a budget, I found that most sites give tips and tricks, but never show exactly what THEY do when they travel. I realized that with my passion and travel experience I could change that. Click below to found out more about me!

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What To Know About a Day Trip to the Skocjan Caves

Caves in Slovenia Slovenia’s topography has a little of everything. Want mountains? Slovenia’s got it. Coastline? Yep. Rivers, Lakes, Farms. All yes. However, the most interesting part of Slovenia’s geography[…]

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The 5 Best Things to do in Zagreb

1. See The┬áMuseum of Broken Relationships The Museum of Broken Relationships is easily the most unique museum in Zagreb, if not all of Europe. The Museum consists of artifacts sent[…]

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The Best Food in Zagreb

Le Mika Price: $$ Location: 14, Teslina ul., 10000, Zagreb, Croatia Le Mika, Zagreb’s number one rated restaurant according to TripAdvisor, is the perfect place to stop for breakfast or[…]

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